Discover the healing power of the Nature. Forests in Slovenia are enchanting, peaceful places full of Magic. We offer you unforgettable hike near Ljubljana with  a breathtaking views.


Spend a half or full day experience in the woods with a local Mushroom whisperer. We will connect with all the five elements when we will walk through the magical forest. You will visit Dr. Fungi in his barrel, in the middle of the woods at a breathtaking view point where we will Enter the higher frequency and discover the healing power of the Nature with Dr. Fungi - who is a perfect mixture between Diogenes and Alexander the Great - the opposite of the rational. He have a great connection and bond with a Nature and more than successfully combines the most primitive and simple side of life with luxurious boutique experiences. If your mind will be open you can experience a great educational trip and a true re-connection with Nature and your inner self. Let's pick some seasonal wild food, taste it and make a meal from it at the magical place in the forest. From the forest to your plate!

Great experience for your body, mind and spirit, that may change your life or point of view - forever.





Half day - 3 hours / 60 Eur

Full day - 6 hours / 120 Eur




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